Our team will advise you in the Publicity strategies in social networks. From the platforms of social networks you will know what one speaks about your company, what someone is interested in your and how to interact across different strategies. Our services of position in social networks are based on the main platforms: facebook, twitter, google +, youtube, etc.

We center our work approach on the world of the social networks, and proceed to diagnose first of all the starting point in that in account the company, proceeding to monitor and know the on-line reputation that has a company, it marks, product, etc., in this moment. From this starting point we help to establish which debit of being the strategy to try to direct the on-line reputation, towards these values and attributes, wished.

Also we realize the creation of profiles, pages of groups, etc. in social networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

Social Networks

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