We offer to our clients the possibility of entering Internet, doing that they do not happen unnoticed before the visitors of its web. Our creative ones and designers, form the best team who will dedicate all its knowledge to do, knowledge and experience to obtain it. We designe and create Web page, the instrument that it will be allowed to you to publicize of the most economic form, showing your products or services to thousands of persons, at any time of the day and in any place of the planet.

Web pagesThe content does not Matter, the format does not matter, the platform does not matter, we do it. We realize webs corporate, p2p, portals, promotional microsites, of electronic, informative, multimedia and interactive commerce and pages with dynamic content.

The commitment on the Web pages that we realize is to add advantages for our clients allowing to have the corporate updated publicity, it will make its clients faithful on having offered them every day of the year the information that they need, it will be able to attract potential clients or even complete sales in line.

Virtual shopsSolutions that allow to adapt to web environment the habitual dynamics of the process of sale centring on the progress of the service for with client, facilitating the commercial management. Have its business working on line in Internet 24 hours 365 days being able to come to new clients.
Inside our activities, there is not alone the creation and starting of an on-line shop, if not all those previous and later activities as there are the marketing, the market research, campaigns pursuit, etc. We do, if this way us it is requested by activities of advice, investigation, development, implantation and promotion of its "virtual shop". You put the products, and sell. We offer electronic commerce solutions for companies that need to cover needs in the environment of the Information technologies and Communication, faced to the sale of product or services.

PortalsWeb applications with general or sectorial contents which main target is to generate traffic, visits and to accumulate hearing to generate contacts of TV/radio commercials, of marketing or of type that is. We can offer the service for Companies and Entities that do not have the time or the personnel for the management and update of contents.

With Gestinet 4.0 we bring to its company a technological solution that will improve the internal processes of management, communication in the company and with its clients or delegations, simplifying these tasks, increasing the efficacy and productivity.

Intranets Gestinet Lite 4.0 is a web application that Windows works like Intranet in a network with web servants in environment ®. It supposes the basic structure later to incorporate modules developed to measurement obtaining a completely personalized Intranet. is a basic work tool coloborative. It incorporates a series of utilities of a surprising practicality, allowing to adapt itself to any type of company or business.

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